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40 years experience in sheet metal stamping and fabrication industry

Why us?

Over 40 years of experience in sheet metal fabrication industry, we have established good relationship working with various builders & dealers in different industries. Our partners range from construction to shipyard. All production is done in Singapore.


We specialize in Sheet Metal Stamping at high-volume production, Bending, Punching, Welding, Metal Turning and Threading.

What we supply?

M&E Pipe brackets, stainless steel support bracket, cut-to-size plate with customized slot holes, marble hook, holdfast, washer and many more.

Years of experience

Over 40 years of experience in metal fabrication & stamping industry.

Additional Services

Reliable renovation, painting and handy services available! House cleaning service! We are offering website design for your company too!

How is our pricing competitive?

As a manufacturer, we are able quote a competitive price to match the demand of yours. Direct factory prices with no middleman mark up. With the existing molding and tooling, we can deduct the additional costing unlike others.

Why choose us?

Cost savings (no middleman cost and price markup)

Fast lead time with ex stocks available

Reliable supplier, able to provide mill cert and sample can be provided upon special request.

Where to find us?

Science Metal Industries 70-76 Gerald Drive Singapore 548502

HP : +65 9766 9602 Fax : +65 6482 2501 Email : sales@smi.com.sg