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Sheet Metal Stamping

We specialize in Sheet Metal Stamping, the process that uses dies to transform flat metal sheets into shapes. With over 40 years hands-on experience on this field, we provide our services to various construction & industries with include MRT track, commercial building, residential building, shipyard and many more.

Metal Fabrication

We provide in-house welding services using stick welding also known as shielded metal arc welding.


We provide threading services on rod, screw, and u-bolt, diameter ranging from 6mm to 60mm


We provide threading on rod by using turning machine, drilling in various sizes, milling to flatten excess parts, threading on washer and other metal parts.


We use Guillotine (power shear) to accurately shear the sheet metal such as stainless steel and others. Piercing would usually happen when we do metal stamping to boost the production speed and reduce lead time. We also do blanking for stainless steel tagging used as ID tag, dog tag and others.

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